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I Kissed My Best Friend

This is long so sorry for it now! Okay, I'm 14 years old and I play basketball. I played for an AAU team this spring and met this girl Brooke. After texting all day everyday for about 3 months as well as talking at tournaments and practices we finally hung out last weekend. We were sitting on her couch watching tv and sitting pretty close. I put my hand down beside hers and we ended up holding hands. She's a year older then me but were pretty much the same. Anyways, were just held hands for the rest of night. it was nice. It felt sisterly. We also would give each other long hugs and as we would pull back we would go Forehead to forehead and nose to nose and just look into each others eyes. It was nice and relaxing. Also, id lay on her shoulder and she'd lean on my head. Well, this past weekend I spent the night at her house again and we did the same stuff as before. Well we were sitting on her couch as before and it's about 3 in the morning. We had a long hug and were like nose to nose and she just licked it. It was playful and cute. So I licked it back and it was added to the things we do for fun and just messing around with each other. Also on the cheek. The next morning after we each or showers we were watching tv and cuddling in a hug and we pulled back and she stuck her tounge out so I did too and she just licked my tongue. I was shocked at first but I kinda liked it. So that was added to the game type thing as well. So everytime one of us would stick our tongues out we would basically make out outside our mouths. One time she began sucking on my tongue and it was funny and she was like "i bet you wont do it" and i figured she wanted me too but i wasn't sure on how to so I didnt and she laughed cuz I wouldn't. Well,I kissed her nose and cheek and forehead. We were sitting on her couch and she went my nose but ended up kissing my lips. I wasn't sure if it was on purpose or not but whatever one of us did the other would do back so I went and kissed her. It was nice so that was also added to our things we do. Later that day we went for a walk and we randomly stop and give hugs (we also hold hands the entire time) as we were pulling back from our hug we were heads and noses against each other as always and I licked her nose she she licked mine then I kissed hers and she kissed the corner of my mouth so I kissed hers and then she kissed me so I kissed back and gave her a long hug. Then we did that again alittle later and she stuck her tounge out which was our way of saying tongue me so I basically tongued back but I got closed and now instead of it being on the outside it was actually a real kiss. It went for a few seconds then we continued walking. We did it again except she kissed me after a hug and then we just began making out for about 15-30 seconds. Even though were best friends it didn't make me feel weird or awkward. It felt right in a sisterly way I guess. I really liked it n I would do it again. After I went home we talked about and she seemed awkward and freaked out about it and she was freaking out saying how she only likes guys and is never doing anything we did again. I was hurt since I wasn't sure if I liked her or not and knew we would never date but I didn't want that part of our friendship to be over. We both went to sleep after saying a million sorrys for it happening like that. We have been texting today like we would normally until she asked what I was doing and I said "thinking" and she asked "about what" and I said " yesterday"and she said sorry and I told her it was fine and she said she felt bad for making me feel weird but I confessed I liked it and it didn't bother me so we decided we would still do that but it was just a best friend thing. Not a lesbian thing. If you could please comment your opinions on if we are or not and what you think of our friendship. Thanks!
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It's up to you two to figure out if you're anything other than straight. Personally, I don't think making out is a very "sisterly" kind of love, but if you two are that tight, I guess it's fine. Just remember that it might seem weird to other people with how intimate your relation is with your best friend. :) If you do find out you're lesbian, bisexual, or anything else, don't take any crap from anyone about it.

I know kind of how you feel man, my friend and I were chilling one night, drinking and joking around and talking about relationships and stuff and we made out just for fun aaaaand turns out she was aesexual. Still, relationships often end or confuse friendships. I reckon the best thing is to just apolagise once or twice and then laugh it off ^_^

I think you like her and she likes you, otherwise there is no way on earth one can kiss a friend like that. I personally don't hug all my friends, hugging some of them feels so weird.

HUBBA BUBBA that is just weird!sorry,but girl to girl making out? hmmm AND YOUR 14 OMGDONT be a lesbian its bad for you! you could get HIV you and my bestfriends are like sisters we tell eachother everything and we hug and we laugh and have a fun time and hangout and chill but never kiss or makeout that's just wrong!

You see, society us so ****** up because of ******** like you. People have a choice on who they want to like and if a girl likes a girl, so be it. I may not be a lesbian, but I sure know that no one has the right to tell someone who or what they can like. **** off.

What a ridiculous thing to say !!! you can't get HIV. Two girls together is a beautiful thing

How old are you , Are you really taking the **** you immature little brat. Sexuality is not a choice! , "DON'T Be a lesbian it's bad for you" What the **** are you playing at being a lesbian or gay or even bi sexual is NOT A CHOICE , People love who they want to and if it's a girl OR a boy so be it love is love. and No you pathetic UN-knowlaged spacktard You don't Get ******* HIV For making out with a girl. Dumb **** Get a grip.

How are you going to get HIV just from being a lesbian? There's the same amount if risk of HIV if not less being a lesbian than being straight.... I'm not going to diss on your beliefs, but I think you need to get your facts straight.

Woah woah woah. You can get hiv from ANY relationship. Gay, lesbian, straight, any.
And I know a fair few people who had their first kiss at 13. So 14 isn't that bad! Sorry if I seem a bit annoyed, just. Woah!

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Your FOURTEEN should you be doing any of this stuff anyway?!?

Sorry but that is so weird and creepy bffs just don't do that!! That's more for couples!

Labels suck. Do whatever as long as it feels right I'd say.

That's cute! There's nothing wrong with that kind of friendship. Cause your both alright with. Best friend love. I think that pretty normal. Kissing and cuddling with each other is showing affection of how you guys are close to each other. I think that also really cute. That's an awesome friendship. Haha! I'm just saying. :p

Making out?!?! Would you do that with YOUR bestfeind??

I would, and I did. Because sometimes one is that close to someone.

This is unusual...<br />
Kisses don't have to be romantic or sexual, it just depends on what it means to you. People kiss to greet, to show affection, etc. I just don't think full-on making out is "sisterly". If I had a sister I wouldn't that with her. Nor would I with my best friend.<br />
Kissing is only nice or fun when you're attracted to the person. Otherwise it's plain boring. Did you feel turned on when you made out with her? Or get the "butterflies in your tummy" feeling? That means something more than just friendship.<br />
Anyway, only you could really know what it means.

I meant sisterly in the best friend kind of way. Sorry wrong word I guess. I do get slighty turned on, and it is not boring. I like it and find it fun and so does she but both of say we don't mean it in a *weird* way (meaning lesbian) and also, if it's more then a friendship what would you call it? Thanks for the opinion though

I really really think you're attracted to her and are probably ashamed of admitting it because of her reaction....and she seems to be in denial too. you might be just friends and not in love but there must be some attraction.

I'm much more open then she is in this case. I have no problem telling her I really like kissing her and she said she the same. She may be in denial, and maybe I am. I am just really confused and I will confess I am slighty attracted to her

aww, sorry for randomly joining in, but i have been in practically the same situation! Actually still in it. and about 2 years later I see this post and it makes me think.
The entire situation is/was cute-

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