Does this mean anything...

I have this close friend who has a boyfriend and she says shes in love with him although they are having problems at the moment as she is seriously considering breaking up with him even though she admits she doesn't want to as she doesn't want to loose him and loves him and can see her self spending the rest of her life with him.
In the past on and off i have thought i have had feelings for her even though i am straight and so is she. I thought that maybe it was just because we are close which is why i care for her allot and enjoy our friendship but now im not so sure.
The other night we were out both drunk and for some reason were discussing about being bi/ gay.
As we both have never done anything with another girl.... our view on it was that we could be, but just dont know it as we have never tryed, and all weve ever known was being straight ect. 
Then later on that night we were in another club and met up with her boyfriend and we were just chilling ect then suddenly she turns around to me and goes 'kiss me' and i'm like 'what?! Why?!'... anyway we ended up kissing.... like full on - long, slow, passionate.... in front of her boyfriend! (bearing in mind we were both drunk) i have no idea why or how, the boyfriend didnt mind though as he was there (which i think was weird).... anyway i have to say that, that was the best kiss i have ever had, and if her boyfriend wasnt there i would have done more! 
Now i dont know what this means?!
Ever since we kissed i havent been able to stop thinking about it... or her.
i dont know how she feels about it as we havent really discussed it apart from when she told me i was a good kisser. I think she would go further as she did say within our discussion that she would go further with a girl... like experimenting.
When we kissed i just remember it feeling natural... like nothing else mattered. I felt it meant something to me (even though as far as i know i'm straight).... do you think it would of meant something to her? or that it was just a drunken thing and her experimenting. plus she was the one that instigated it... if that means anything i don't know.
i am really confused about this as she has a boyfriend who she loves and as far as we know we are both straight. But i feel my feelings for her are really strong... do you think this makes me gay or that i could be? 
Do you think that it meant anything to her or that its just one sided?
I don't want to make it awkward or ruin our friendship by bringing it up or discussing it further... 
any advice and oppinions would be much appreciated
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Okay I totally understand ur point I was in ur situation when I was young my cousin kissed me but we weren't drunk we were like 6 or 7 she came close to me and started glazing in me eyes kissing me and we had that kiss were up to this day (I'm 12) we still don't know what that means but we tried talking about it but she pranks me to see if I'm a lesbo but I'm really not but I still have feelings for her and whenever we see each other we end up making out but girl don't worry of course ur friend has to choose between her boyfriend or you maybe it wasn't ment to happen but if it did maybe you guys need to sort out ur plans for each other don't worry just be calm about it

My mother always say, the only ones that say the truth are kids, and the drunk, so I think if she didn't feel anything for you she wouldn't unconsciously want you to kiss her.

I think you will find out next time you are alone together.
If it was to make him jealous no attempt or suggestion will/can be made to create the same feelings.
If it was that she wanted to kiss you, and the kiss should've told you that, then have fun the next time you are together.
Asking her to kiss you again or go even farther should not hurt a good friendship.
Be honest.

Talk to her and see what she wants, maybe they have talked about having a 3some and that was to test the water.

That would be my guess

Only one piece of advice. Talk to her. If she's your friend, you can.