I Kissed My Best Friend (We'Re Both Girls, I'M 13 And She'S 14)

Okay so we were talking like we always do and I said I hadn't had my first French kiss yet. She asked me why and I said I was scared I might do it wrong. She's very experienced and she said she could teach me. So I said okay. She said that first she was going to give me a peck so she did. Then she gave me a line of pecks on the lips. We didn't do anything else (this was today) because she said she was going to actually teach me how to French kiss another day. Right when she said this the bell rang; it was her dad coming to pick her up (this was at my house). Is this weird? I got kind of turned on but I didn't feel butterflies or any signs of affection and I'm still attracted to my crush (he's a guy). Is this weird?
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Hello I am old school if it doesnt feel right dont try to make it right try to seek advice from a family member you can talk to and trust a little bit older with more wisedom

Seems quite normal to be turned on by it so I shouldn't worry. It's good that you've got an understanding friend to try these things with. x