Sensual Lips

She had the most sensual lips I ever saw and she knew it. They were plump, deep red and pouty. Everytime our eyes met, she would bite her bottom lip, lock her fingers together and shift her body so that she was completely facing me. After several hours of this taunting, I eventually got the courage up to go over to her. Before I could even open my mouth with a masterful line, she grabbed my face, gently brushed her lips against mine and whispered "I want to kiss you, may I?" 

As my brain was buzzing, I could only muster up the nerve to nod my head once. She immediately placed her lips over mine and I felt the softness and warmth of hers. Suddenly, I felt the gentle pushing of her tongue into my mouth seeking out mine. When they met, my knees buckled and a tingling sensation took over my body. The kiss was long, soft and sensual. She tasted like peaches.

She ended the kiss with a gentle nip of her teeth on my lower lip. As I attempted to catch my breath, she leaned to my ear and  said "I would like to do that again, please". 

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Aw, that's so cute. I think it's adorable that she asked you each time if you were okay with kissing her. Just goes to show, sometimes being polite is very sexy.

Now that's a kiss.... --DW

Yes it was, yes it was! Thank you for the comment CoffeeFirst.

Wickedties, your picture has changed! I know I responded to your story some months ago, but I want you to know that I return to your story again and again. It sort of describes my ideal of what a kiss should be - something you can get lost in with the person you love, a long and deep kiss where neither one of you wants to let go! Is there anything better in the world?

Keyboardkats. That is lovely to hear, thank you! *smiles*

My boyfriend has the most amazing lips.. He gets compliments all the time! He has the most gorgeous smile! And it makes me jealous! I'm just glad to call it mine (: and I get those lips all over me.... Lmao

Oceaneyedkay. We'll I would say lucky you.... And I'm sure he enjoys putting them all over you as you enjoy receiving; yup, lucky you!

That is how every kiss should be.

I agree Lordgray.

God knows I've had a few like that. I remember the all.

But what happened? Did you ever see her again? Did you ever kiss her again? You can't just leave us all there in suspense...
I'm a straight guy, but I can really relate to this story. I sometimes think kissing is even better than sex. You can really enjoy the person you love, caressing her tongue, feeling her teeth, breathing in her breath, drinking in her saliva, all you can's never enough!

Yes, Keyboardkats, I dated her for just shy of a year. We spent many many MANY nights kissing and other things and while that part of my life is over, I do think of her often, very fondly!! And I do agree, kissing is incredibly sensual and alluring...there is something about the intensity of a good kiss that gets-all-those-juices flowing.

I love confident girls :P

yes, it is definitely attractive.

I love men, but no matter how soft and gentle they are, there is just something so sensual and erotic about the kiss of another woman. great story.

LG76.....thank you and I fully agree!!

Well written. Very well written. I love the kiss of another woman. Nothing softer or sweeter.

LovingPink....I would agree 100%. And if she is a passionate kisser, I could kiss for hours and still be incredibly satisfied as there is nothing like a warm passionate kiss to get the juices flowing!!

That was very erotic!

Curiousjohnny69......thank you!! *smiles*

wow...I want one ;)

*smiles* well they say if you really want something you should go after it......I dont think you'd regret it.

Loveisconfusing, thank you!

This was soo sexy.

yes she was very sexy......and the moment was incredible. it was one of those moments that you will always remember, fondly and with excitement.

ToDaRoof, you are welcome!!

hey you.....anytime, that is if you can get your arse to canada *smiles*

very good, can I watch :)

Iluvfunwomen, I agree!!!!<br />
<br />
MisterBator, you are welcome!

Nothing, and I mean nothing, sexier than a women's lips. Plump, deep red and pouty. It drives me to madness.

Bemyvalentine, yes, it was yummy and thank you!

ARPITAROY, sadly she is no longer around for any tasting.

i wana taste her lips

ILIKETOWATCH2, thank you for the compliment! I am very glad you liked it *smiles*

Aamoon, well, you could join the group for improving EP and that could be your first recommendation... have an EXCITED rating. *smiles and chuckles*

Yes it is and thank you!

I like your description of the kiss and actually the invitation she sent you by biting her bottom lip.I love to see two women kissing each other.Thats very hot.

Yes, it was Vix3n, a wonderfully delightful, breathtaking, memorable kiss!

WOW what a kiss...

Risenphoenix, I am sure you won't mind if I do not take your word for that? Something about that smile, says trouble! **smiles wickedly**<br />
<br />
Beaverman, the first kiss is incredible....can be overwhelming and intoxicatiing. Nervousness, excitement, fear of the unknown can all lead to that perfect moment of pure pleasure. Heart beating fast and sensations running through your body, tingling really. There is nothing better.......well......other than what it can all lead to.

wicked...I'd never do that. I'm an honorable man. ***grins lecherously***

Risenphoenix, thank you, very sweet of you to say! But you best be careful, I might start to get the impression you are hitting on me!?! *chuckles*

Nice story. I'd love to share a kiss such as that with you. You are an awesome woman.

Doyoucare, a little late, sorry, I have changed my avatar a few times, so....was it the photo with the legs? the arched back? or the goth goddess? Hmmmmm, I wonder which one you liked???<br />
<br />
ThisNYpixie, Thank you Sweetie. I do try to capture a moment as best I can.....and that was a moment!! *smiles*

um this has nothing to do with your story but holy hell thats a good pic

Thank you! It was a nice erotic moment that has left quite the impression on me!

Thank you, and yah, it was =)

awesome! :)

does a photo count?? LOL

Well, DD, that would indeed put a different twist on the story...... wouldn't it?

Maybe "she" was a cross dresser and belonged to the Hell’s Angles during normal working hours....DD