My Best-friend And 1st Girl Kiss

ok well at my school the new freshman came in, i was a sophomore, and i clicked with one girl Micaela

we became really good friends and she was so chill

i never objected to kissing a girl and actually always was intrigued by it and wanted to try

so...i went to her house and we drank a tad, her a beer me a bacardi, and two juniors were with us

well it kind of started as a dare but girls have such soft lips and smell so good that we kissed longer then the original ten seconds then finally we stopped

well the boys were getting tired since it was now 1 in the morning and so Micaela and I went to her bed and took of our shirts, still having on bras of course and kissed under the sheets

it was very very nice and different in a good way

the boys then got jealous shortly after and separated us and we kissed then feel asleep with a guy each

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4 Responses Dec 4, 2009

i think girls kissing girls is a very sensuous thing. my current g/f is my third and i am her first.<br />
girls are soft and into cuddling and we can neck for a long time and just enjoy each moment.<br />
xoxo - Crystal

yeah XD<br />
its cause we know what girls want

I'm happy to hear you enjoyed the experience. I hope you get to continue to explore that part of your sexuality if you desire. <br />
<br />
Thank you for sharing your story and feelings on this.

i know exactly what u mean!mine was so random but once u get into it!!<br />
girls i think kiss better anyways xx