My First Kiss By A Girl

ok so first it started with the first girl i ever had a crush on...i didnt know what i was feeling but her name was sharee and boy did i have the hugest crush on hair like fire against her pale skin and deep green freckles and a beautiful smile...sadly she moved away before i could tell her what i felt for her....i still think of her to this day tho....but anyways when i was 14 i went to this party and it was a goin away party for one of my friends.....well me and some of my friends all sat around a bonfire and drank a bottle of jack then one of my best girl friends turned to me and kissed me....and like the song "i kissed a girl and i liked it,the taste of her cherry chapstick" yeah it went just like that...we spent most of the night making out. and we both had boyfriends at the time and they couldnt even seperate us. and ever since then ive been bi....and i dont mean like i only just kiss girls i date them and do the dirty too....everything about a woman is beautiful to me but i also cant help but be a girl and want a man too ^_^

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aww poor mia...and kisses from your mother dont count!! and yeah basically nrdi that is the image that was happening but i figure if imma date a girl she might as well look like one ^_^

ahahhahahah mia

When I was born, the doctor slapped my mom :(

I got my first kiss from a woman!!1<br />
<br />
my mom kissed me when i was born!

uh. me too. girls are just pretty, and smell pretty and...are just soo pretty. i love making out w/ girls but for some reason i only date the studs lol. i guess thats how i get to be w/ a chick and a guy at the same time..find a manly chick. i just got this mental image of two guys trying to pull you two away by your waist while the two of you held on for dear life it made me lol in rl ahahahaha! good times.