My First Time Kissing A Girl's Butt

For those of you that haven't tried this. It is fun. This is how my first time kissing a girl's butt went down.

I had been introduced to this very cute girl by a friend of mine. She was fairly skinny until you got to her butt. Her butt was pretty much J LO size. So after we meet, the group of us watched a movie. during said movie, me and her began making out. She of course was wearing my favorite. skin tight black leggings with no panties. So yeah we when kissed I grabbed her butt and such. I was baby skin soft and felt great. Alas this is not when I kissed her butt... After the movie the group of us decided to take a night time walk over to the park playground. We proceeded to split up, me and her taking the higher ground, on the playground. We made out a bit and laid back gazing upon the star dotted sky. Our daze and thinking was broken after a while by my friend calling out to her. She filled over onto her stomach to respond back, her glorious butt cheeks jiggling side to side. Now was my chance, I made my move. I slowly inched closer to her amazing butt. I was about 2 inches away from her right butt check when I gave it a firm passionate kiss. Still talking with our friend, she stopped mid-sentence realizing what I was doing. I heard her give a small moan of pleasure. On that cue I started rapidly kissing her soft warm cheeks. Her butt was wonderful, felt like kissing dough through a cloth. She looked back over her shoulder with a small smile, so I continued my actions. I even started playfully biting it, to which I got another moan of pleasure. I switched between her left & right cheeks with some long kisses and short ones. I must've done this for a good 2 minutes, since her butt was so delectable to kiss. I raised my head up to her grinning back at me. I finished by cupping each hand on each cheek, my hands sunk about half an inch. Then pushing down to raise myself up from laying down. After standing up I helped her up to her feet, watching her butt jiggle all the way. I gave her a light slap on the butt and asked if she liked what I had done. Her reply was a long passionate kiss that nearly knocked me on my feet. She loved my experiment. Sadly, that awesome girl and I soon grew distant... since we lived on kinda far away from each other. But I will truly never forget my first time kissing a girl's butt, and I will never forget her...
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Nice experience! The female bottom is so perfect for just screams out..."Kiss me"! Thanks for sharing your story!

a girl once kissed both by butts and it felt awesome

nice wish i could do that to a lass

beautiful story