My Step Sister

My step sister Ashlie and I have known each other for 9 years now so I call her my sister and I'm only 12. So my sister walked into my room and said "where's my phone" and I said "I don't know". I was lying. I hid her phone because she had taken my xbox controller last week so I took her phone. She knew I was lying. She said "ill take your controller again now where is it Evan!" I yelled "I don't care!" So she jumped on me and I said " what the **** are you doing" and she said "tell me where you hid my phone!" And I said "I didn't hide it!" So she sat on me! Then she put her butt on my face and she said" I'll get off I you give me my phone" she sat there for like 20 minutes so I said ok under the mattress left side!" So she took it and didn't get off and she said" I'll give you 2 choices first you kiss my ***..." "And what else" " I could give you a wedgie" i said "I think I'll go with option 1" so she pulled down her pants revealing her light blue thong and I was like "whoa wtf" and she said "go ahead" and she put her *** in my face and I kinda got hard and kissed her *** but luckily she didn't see my pen*s. she got up and said "next time you do that I'll give you the worst wedgie you've ever had" and then she left laughed to herself.
Evanfre Evanfre
1 Response Dec 4, 2012

wow thats nice, wish i could do that some time ;)