My Friends Mom Bare

So one if my friends mom is way hott and kinda childess. And one day she was walking down the hall and drop her papers and I watched her bend over and pick them up. She had a pink thong sticking out and I was starting to go hard. She turned and looked at me and realized. So she started coming toward me and took me into the bathroom and locked the door and said we're you looking at my butt and I said what no. And she said dont lie so I confessed. She asked if liked it and before I could answer said of course you did I saw your *****. So she put her butt inches from my face and said kiss it. I said no way and she said fine and farted in my face. Said enjoy your pink eye. Than a week later she took a bunch of kids home. And I was the last one and I was sitting on the back. She stopped at a park and I instantly got scared. She said your gonna kiss my ***. And she started taking off her belt. She than was in just these hott pink panties and said kiss it now and I refused so she put her *** on my face and started farting over and over and said kiss it so I did and than she was about to pull her pants up and then instead pulled her underwear down and said kiss it bare and I tried to get out of the car and she pulled her cheeks apart and put in on my face and stinkfaced me and farted and then I gave in and kissed it and she laughed and said that's what you get for staring at my ***. A closer look.
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i wouldve kissed her arse when she first asked me, and told her id kiss it whenever she wanted me to, your a lucky lad being able to kiss her arse!

rape is hilarious