Lauren's ***

So I have this cousin named Lauren. We're like brother and sister though. And one day I was at her house and she said can I borrow some money and I said no this is my lap dance money. She said well ill give you a lap dance and I said no! Your my cousin and she said but ill do it good I promise. And finally convinced me she could make me pop a ***** which I betted against and loser had to give the winner 10 bucks. And then she Said sit there and she left for a second and came back and tied me up and said now you wont move. She left and came back again and was in bra and panties. I said hell no! That's wrong she said I wanna prove you wrong and make you like this! So I said fine and I already started going hard so I did my best to keep it down. So she started shaking her *** and I started thinks wow she's hott and that's a nice ***. And I was like this is family I can't think like this and than she said put her *** inches from my face and stared shaking and then stopped and said your poping a *****!! And I was like no! She said haha. And said do you think in hott and I said no and so she kissed me on the lips!!! And said do you now? And I couldn't lie cause I was poping a huge *****. She than untied me and I said please don't tell anyone and she said umm if you kiss my butt. And I said no and she said fine I'll tell the world and ran off so I yelled ok I'll do it and she came back and pulled her panties down and yelled BARE! And I said no way and she shook her *** and said ill keep making you pop boners and I'll tell everyone! So I gave in and kissed it and her sister walked in and said wow! No fun I wannt my *** kissed and I said fine just hurry and she pulled her pants and panties down and said bare and in the crack I said no way and than Lauren grabbed me arms and her sister put her crack in my face and shook it and said now lick it so I gave in and kicked her ******* and Lauren kissed me on the lips again after her sister left and said you got the hotts for me and walked off and left me there with a *****.
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lucky man, got to kiss 2 arses one after the other, wish i could be so lucky