Three Girls, More Than Three Kisses.

Last October I went to a holloween party hosted by my friends' friend in her massive shed in her back garden. I didn't know anyone and I was really shy and didn't have the courage to speak to anyone. After a few WKD's and Bacardi Breezers my confidence had boosted and I was speaking to anyone and everyone. I blurted out to people that I was really horny and if anyone would make out with me. Someone told me this girl was bi so i deliberately went over to her and asked her, to my luck she said yeah and we were making out like three seperate times. I then a noticed this other girl who was making out with another girl so I went over and asked her and she said yeah. So I made out with her like twice. Then later on there was this third girl who was pretty drunk, so was I, and she came onto me whilst I was sat down and she was really quick with her snogging. I think she was the best out of all three of them, i'm not sure how many times we made out cos when we were it lasted for long not just a quick snog. From what I can remember they were all pretty hot, the second girl was a bit less than the first and third.

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Which one?

i love the girl