Passionate Kiss

Just rewind my life, at the age of 21. Normally I used to avoid marriage functions. My world was entirely different that time. My family asked me to attend that reception. Very strangers, just felt as lived in island. Formal "hi" and smiles to everyone.

Had a look into that party, people were busy in their party celebrations, showed their richness, lauded laughs, glittering jewelries, noisy kids and old people as usual penniless old love gossips etc.

An angel just crossed me, as usual I started to stare at her. after 10 to 15 step walk, she looked back and smiled at me..... Oh God, my body metabolism just changed instantaneously. Adam and Eve chase, came into my mind. "Where is she?", I started to search her.

After half an hour, hide and seek game, I could able to find out her., One acute turn of the corner, I met an accident with her. My goodness, I just conveyed, " We need to talk". She replied," after 10, come to first floor top". She vanished again.

Just waited for those moments. She came at there, bit late. We chatted, exchanged our jokes etc. Cool breezy, just I saw her, I hold her hands, no repulsion, raised her lips. I started to taste her saliva, the most passionate kiss I never had in my life after that !!!!!
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Dec 2, 2012