Plane Ride

My husband and I were flying to Chicago to visit family, and of course we didn't get good seats. We didn't sit anywhere near each other. I was on a plane that had three seats on the side I was sitting on. I had the window and another man had the middle. He was a middle-aged man, good looking. The same thing happened to him and his wife -- they were sitting no where next to each other. We couldn't even see our spouses. We chatted for a bit and I could tell he was hitting on me. So...i thought...what the heck. We crouched down in our seats and started kissing. It was the best kiss I have had probably. As the flight was landing he passed me a card. He and his wife were swingers and invited me to a private party...i passed.

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4 Responses Apr 11, 2009

Sounds like you missed a good chance to become a member of the mile high club if you are not one already ;)

Hmmmmmmmm....very nice! Love to sit next to you on a flight someday baby!

might have been fun to follow up

What a wonderful way to pass the time. ;) Thanks for sharing! It sound's like it was fun............