But With All Due Respect To Ms. Perry

I did not particularly like it. It held none of the fascination, the friction, the LUST that kissing a man has. It was just lame.
SabrinaNYC SabrinaNYC
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7 Responses Jul 14, 2010

I understand her completely. I have nothing against having another woman there, it just does not turn me on.

LOL! Quite funny. But no... it is the entire package that fails to engage me. Of course I enjoy seeing a well dressed attractive woman... but a woman's scent, a woman's feel... they do nothing sexual for me.

or at least one that shaves ;)

Mmmmm...wonders if it is their lack of stubble facial hair...maybe you just need to find a hairier woman!

Neither of those two ideas even have to be appealing to you... it is ME that they need to be appealing to. you just have to do them and find out later whether or not you learned from them.

Yes, perhaps... or perhaps you are repressing your bi-sexual tendencies... we could fine that out for you....

Oh she was attractive all right. I would say quite pretty and openly bisexual. But I somehow do not find the idea of a woman to be all that sexually appealing. Really, I have no sexual fantasies about the woman who might be seated in the next stall of the ladies room. No, for me the sexual attractiveness is in the DIFFERENCES not the similarity.