Kisses Times Four!!!!!!!!!!!!!

one night i got a little too much to drink with some girlfriends at the time we went back to my house after the club because no one wanted to go home so we all crashed one of my beatiful friends she has a nice body took her dress off and exposed her model size body so all of us followed in total it was four of us we pressed our bodies against each and each one of us became turned on by the other so we started kissing each other twoon two then it turn into all of us giving a group kiss it was wonderful but we didnt have a 4 some but i wished we had went all the way we just slept in each others arms naked

msdeelickus msdeelickus
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3 Responses Sep 12, 2010

i bet you all had good night sleep... should have pinched few nipples to spark up the rush.


wow thats hot

Thanks I should have recorded it