First Kiss...

I had been in a terrible quandary-- having finally acknowledged that I was attracted to other women, I found myself falling hard for a female friend of mine who I perceived to be straight as an arrow.

"Melissa" was one of the first people I came out to, and I had asked her if she would still love me if I told her I was a lesbian.  Her response was to tell me, "of course."

That being said, Mel was, to my eye, untouchable.  For weeks I tried to deny that I was falling for her, and for several more wailed incessantly to another friend about wanting her, but that she was too ****ing straight.

So one weekend, me, Mel, and our two mothers went on a day trip to a colorful district of our town.  We had a lovely time, even though the proximity to her was driving me crazy.

Late that afternoon, we were in my bedroom, just kind of talking.  We always had been tactile with each other, so I was leaning on her shoulder.  With all my might I strove to keep my feelings to myself...  and then it happened.

"Kris?  Can I tell you something?"  her heart was hammering so hard I could feel it in her collarbone where my head rested.  I told her to go ahead, not daring to hope.  "Ummm...  Kris, I think I am attracted to you."

My world turned around at that moment.  I looked up at her and asked if she was for real, and she nodded, looking equal parts excited and scared.  I asked her if I could kiss her, and she nodded again.

So I did.  It was the softest and sweetest kiss I had ever received.  she pulled away from me after a moment, looking into my eyes, and I smiled.  She smiled back and kissed me again.
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4 Responses Sep 18, 2007

That was awesome experience! i really want that to happen in my life! arrrggg... i was dying to hear that from my Love of my life...

the softness of the kiss with a woman makes me go weak....

life is good, aye~~

That's really too bad. Though, it's a good thing you have the courage to even come out of the closet. Since most people like myself, will not and probably never come out of the closet. Since it's pretty dangerous.