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I have always liked girls and always wanted to be with intimate with them. Soon after graduating college I met a woman on the internet; she was a single mother of two and was just a few years older than me. We connected online and I sent her a picture but she never reciprocated. I was extremely anxious to see what she looked like because I was only interested in meeting beautiful, FEMININE women. She kept insisting that she didn't have a picture of herself to share. I wanted to meet her in person to know if she was even worth my time so we decided to go out for dinner at a popular restaurant in Maryland. When I got to the restaurant this drop dead gorgeous woman approached me and it was her. We had a torrid love affair for about 6 months. When we first kissed it was so amazing that I knew instantly that a man alone would never fully satisfy my sexual needs. It was so sensual and soft and sexy and I get chills as I think about it now. We never had sex and I regret it to this day. She was still dating men, about 3 to be exact and I just couldn't take the fact that she would never be mine only. I still think about that kiss today; 10 years later, like it was last night. I went on to marry a man and have children but I still regret not having fulfilled my appetite with her. I still long for women to this day because I have yet to have full blown girl on girl sex.
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I married a guy but have affairs with women... some short-lived and some long term. My marriage would not survive if I did not sleep with women. I find the touch, smell, kiss, sensuality of a woman so alluring and since the first time with a woman I cannot live without one xxxx

I know what you mean, i dated girls on and off thru high school until I fell in love and married. My husband understood my need and was ok with me dating women outside. Occasionally if the lady agreed he would join in.
I have 2 children now and we are separated. For over 10 years i repressed my need for women, i focused on my babies. Now they are older if I ever meet the right woman, when the time is right, I know I will want everyone to know I'm proud to be a lesbian because I need to be true to me....

{{{HUGS}}}<br />
Perhaps some day, you will find a way.

i am for ya ;) haha

i acn understand ur feelings but u have become a mother please do think off that

that was sexy

Ok, so what is stopping you from experiencing it?

i agree with ur view good