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The Cosequences

I kissed a woman on our first date and that lead to a second date and she unbuttoned her blouse. We ended up on the floor with her on top. She has been on top ever since. Control in sex is ail about who is on top and that extends into life itself

anthony2001 anthony2001 61-65, M 5 Responses Dec 21, 2009

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This woman does not like being kissed under the frock but others do with no panties and an agile tongue

oh! i like to kiss not only open blouse but down knicker too. have you any experience for kissing when she had her frock up?

Storm Yes we make our own choices, but sometimes we cant see where we are going<br />
Joe I do not regret that kiss, would do it again tomorrow if possible but I would be much smarter. Kissing and open blousess are available from many women, not just that one. It was my first time. Older is smarter

Kissing is not a sin

not true dude.... u can do whatever .. if u want