And I'll Do It Again

Soft, gentle, sweet.  A woman's kiss is so different than a man's.  As our lips touch, it's instant butterflies in my tummy.  The newness, the naughtiness of it all.  As the kiss deepens, and our tongues play, she pulls me close to her.  Our breasts press against each other, we move together, an erotic rhythm that takes us over the edge. Of course, it is best when my man is right there.  Watching, enjoying, taking the ride with me.

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10 Responses Feb 13, 2010

Peeps and chocolate???!!!.......... Where???

Hey Taken! Don't PM. This is EP. Share it - there's bound to be a group to suit...

Hey!!!!!!!! I want to know, too!!!!!!!

Hmmmm...that HOT and you haven't shared the details? lol I'm a sucker for HOT stories! :O)

Very nice...and right on. It's been a long time since I have enjoyed the passionate kisses of a woman. It is a beautiful dance between two sensual souls. You're right about the man being right erotic knowing that he is enjoying it as much as you are. :O)

I'm kissing you right now...while both of our men watch. Oh wait...sorry. Day dreamin again. :)

LOL!!! *kisses you back...on your forehead*

Lovely story. : )

Ooohhh...naughty but sweet...hmmm...very interesting...this is a good read, Taken...I am almost 'taken' that word in your name... ;)

WOW ....Nice story !!<br />
<br />
Love the way you described it with such detail ...;)