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Women's Bare Butts Are So Nice To Kiss (Pic)

I can't help it. When ever my wife undresses I have to kiss her butt.  It is so sensuous.  It also helps get her in the proper mood. 
davytowashi davytowashi 51-55, M 22 Responses Aug 7, 2013

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I love to lick and kiss my wife's *** too.

Love to kiss and lick her from stem to stern!

My wife likes me to suck her *** too !!

very well said

That's lovely pose

Lovely - both, the pic & the subject. Is she your wife ???

You should give your black step father a chance to enjoy her

I can see why would have liked to kiss that but as well.

That is beautiful

I don't blame you! I would lick her from **** to *******!

i don't blame you that a nice *** to be kissing

You sound just like Tommy. He is always kissing my butt. I love it.

I too would love to put my lips on her sexy ***.

I agree but, I'd start with a kiss.

Nice ***... I would love to kiss it

She has a cute ***, I would kiss it to.

Love to kiss them...

Mmm I'd kiss her butt to.

Can I have a lick? wow--sexy

She's got a killer ***!

It's a good plan

mmm she is very cute butt lol yummy!