Kissed ***

When I was 15 me and my friend Alana where hanging out at her house she knew I liked her and she played on it. She asked me one day what part of her body I found the most attractive I said I like everything bout you. She got this cute smile on her face and said ok kiss my *** to that I said ur joking right she then told me she was being serious 1 thing I should say is she was smaller than me about shoulder height and she was not exactly what you'd call thin but she was really cute and her eyes she just looked perfect to me as I got down on my knees with a smile on my face she revealed her *** I remember kissing her left *** cheek she smiled I kinda grinned we still talk and laugh about alot of stuff I still love her and would do anything for her and she knows it
Theboss16 Theboss16
18-21, M
1 Response Nov 14, 2011

lucky you! id love to have done that!