My Friend

I have a friend called Holly (18). She loves to squeeze my butt and joke with me. She is hot, ginger and thin but has an amazing ***, its really big and round. So anyway last week I was round her house and we were just messing about, she always jokes about kicking my ***. Well a few weeks ago we were talking about wrestling and about some of the moves and stuff like that. Well after that, she then randomly jumped on me and shouted 'lets wrestle, I'm gunna kick your ***!' I didn't have a choice because she was already trying to pin me down. I pushed her off and we carried on wrestling for a bit, I had the upper hand coz i'm bigger and stronger but I wanted to see what she would do if she won. So i let her take control and eventually she had me pinned on the floor, i thought she would just get up and it would be over but i was really wrong! She was sitting on my chest and had my arms pinned down with her feet. She then turned around so she was facing my feet and slowly moved her big booty towards my face. I was like, 'Wtf are you doing?' she just laughed and then moved her butt so it was hovering just above my face. then she said, 'I want you to kiss my ***,' when i said no she punched me in the balls. it hurt a lot so i agreed, i lifted my head and planted my lips onto the white hot pants she was wearing. Holly grabbed the back of my head and forced it hard into her ***, it smelt really bad but i secretly loved it. when she let go i was gasping for air and i slumped down to the floor. She then sat full weight onto my face for about a minute, i could only just breathe. when she finally got up i asked what that was for, she just laughed and said she felt like it. I kinda had a hard on now and she saw it so she said that from now on whenever i was with her i had to do whatever she wanted otherwise she would tell everyone what happened and how much i enoyed it. I reluctantly agreed and left feeling very embarrassed but also secretly happy ;P

I have more stories about what has happened with holly since then, i will post them if i get time
egeg100 egeg100
18-21, M
Jan 6, 2013