My Friend Again

So in my first story my friend holly sat on my face and now she is blackmailing me, saying that if i don't do what she wants she will tell all our friends that i enjoyed it and i will be ripped to ****. so the day after, she told me to go to her house again so obviously i had to. she was wearing these lycra jogging shorts, they made her *** look soooo hot. when i got there she told me to kiss her *** again so i did, she made me hold my lips on her *** for ages, it was so embarrassing. then she went behind me and gave me a massive wedgie, it really hurt but i kinda liked having her control me. she wouldn't let me pick it either. she went to my front and gave me a massive frontal wedgie straight after which hurt even more, it was like rope burn in my crack! i just had to stand there and take it. Things did however get a bit better when she pulled off her shorts and revealed a skimpy little blue thong, it looked so good wedged right in between her butt cheeks. so when she told me to kiss her *** again i wasn't quite so put off, in fact it was fun burying my face in there haha. i kissed both cheeks and a bit in her crack too, she couldn't stop laughing at me. i still had a major wedgie so i thought i'd give her a little one too, i bit the triangle at the back of her thong and pulled it up. To my surprise she just carried on laughing at me, she wasn't mad, i think she actually liked it. But she said i needed punishing for that anyway, so she took off my jeans, showing off my semi through my boxers. Holly went and got some duct tape and tied my hands behind my back. then she got her thong which she went running in earlier and put it in my mouth, taping it shut. the thong was all sweaty and horrible. i watched as she bent over and removed her blue thong from her *** and threw it on the floor. she then made me lie on the sofa and sat her big beautiful butt on my face. she had no shorts on, so this time my nose went right up her crack and was almost in her *******. it smelt gross but i still loved it, she bounced up and down for a while making sure my face was deep in there. luckily i could just about breathe. she sat there and watched tv for at least an hour while laughing at me and teasing me. at one point she farted, it smelt so bad as it went right up my nose. i tried to move and shout at that point but she just kicked me in the balls, so i shut up and accepted that i could be there a while. eventually she let me go, but said that i would be back soon. i left feeling completely humiliated but also kinda happy again.
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sounds good i wouldnt mind that happening to me

Awesome continue!