My First Time Was...

Some friends and I were skinny dipping in their pool a couple of summers ago and being of the kinky, geeky and randy types of people that we are decided to blow up the inflatable 20 sided die and play a game involving the dice and a game of truth or dare, but modified since we were already naked and were close enough and secure enough with each other that whatever anyone asked a "loser" to do it wouldn't be too crazy but it would definitely have a kinky twist to it. So a couple of rounds went by and the dares got more and more risqué, it was my turn and I rolled a 4...not I got dared to perform several "oral" acts with everyone, but with the stipulation that they had to all be above the waist. So I lick some people's cheeks, suck on some nipples for a few seconds, and made out with several guys which I took my time and enjoyed doing thoroughly...:D
solid853 solid853
36-40, M
Dec 15, 2012