He Kissed Me Like Lovers Do(I love my man)

I felt an acheing need to be touched, night after night I lay awake in my bed fantacizing about him and longing for him. It had been weeks since our eyes would meet. I imagined his embrace and how we'd kiss eachothers faces. Though I knew he would be coming home soon at noon. I was sure to be prepared for him. Swept all the floors and folded the linens. I have put into use of all of my cullenary skills and created a feast fit for a king and his family. He came home on a Sunday and after we lulled the baby. In our home he felt at one again and he gazed at me and touched my face but once again. I was in his arms filled with lovers passion. He my groom and I his bride. This is no fairy tale it is real life. We kissed like lovers do.

SealedWithAKisss SealedWithAKisss
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Thank you, I also noticed your comment on one of my questions it was definately the best one, but I don't know how to send it to you I just had the material and thought it would be a good project for our kids.

Your use of language is elegant.<br />
<br />
The sentiment i share - i miss my wife so much.

This is a beautiful story. Something that everyone wishes for...you are a lucky woman to have the opportunity to have found love like this. Treasure it always love.

how poetical..beautiful love story. I'm so happy for you!

wow how that true passion feeling is so amazing, no one can understand it unless he experienced it, it is so loving and deep and how u express urself telling that is so wonderful makes me also imagine myself in the arms of the man i love.