Like Lovers Do

It didn't matter that we were surrounded by the loud bustling hallway of our school, or that we werent even together. I saw a smile dance across his face, so beautiful and caring. A face that i longed to touch. I reach my hand up, place it on his cheek... an innocent movement i guess, i didn't mean anything by it, but the warmth of his skin and the tingle that ran down my arm told me something completely . I wanted him. I guess he saw something too because he wraped his arms around me, and looked into my eyes. I kissed him, softly at first but then deeper, his arms drew me in towards him. His body pressed against mine, and we turned together. My back was against the lockers, his hand also against the locker beside my hip. My arms wrap around his neck and i kiss him, like lovers do.

CyanideKisses CyanideKisses
18-21, F
1 Response Oct 7, 2009

Holla! That's intense!