I Will Never Forget This...

It was late afternoon during winter term about three years ago, homework was done and it was raining in the valley. I drove over to my girlfriend's house, who was also in school with me, and picked her up for a quick trip to the beach. We had checked the weather and found that it was clear on the coast (an oddity in the NW) so we jumped in my blazer and began our trip. After about 45 minutes the rain had stopped and the warmth of the sun started warming us through the windshield, the brightness reflecting off the road causing us to squint. We drove through Florence and stopped off at the closest public beach access we could find. I grabbed the blanket and a bottle of Dolcetto out of the trunk and cruised down to the beach where the tide was at a low point. We took off our shoes and set up our blanket up in the dry sand. The wind was light and the evening was gorgeous, but still very cold. We cracked the bottle of wine, poured our glasses and went down to the water's edge to let the icy foam run over our toes. It was not going to be long before the numbness set in. The wine warmed our bellies, we held hands and flirted a bit - talking about our life and thoughts, our dreams - and how nice it was to leave the stresses of school back in Eugene. We decided to go back up to the blanket to refill our glasses. The clouds began to move in as the sun was setting and turning the sky a bright orange. After about ten minutes on the blanket the clouds began to let loose of their moisture, but in a heavy mist rather than large raindrops. We put our hoods up and talked about packing up, but wanted to finish letting the sun finish its descent. We endured the misty rain a bit longer, I stood up and reached my hand down to her because I wanted to make this experience the best I could. She grabbed my hand and stood up with me, I took my own hood off and pulled hers down. Our faces were already dripping wet and our sweatshirts were much heavier. The mist began soaking our hair and I kissed her while trying to capture this moment in my mind. Our mouths coursed with warmth - if it had not been so cold I would have wanted to continue this down on the blanket, but as it was we just smiled and packed up our things to scurry back to the blazer's warmth.
Yazen Yazen
26-30, M
Apr 13, 2011