I Kissed In The Rain

I met my bf *Keith* at the vets of all places. He gave me his # but I had a bf at the time so I didnt txt him well I coulnt stop thinkin about him for a few weeks and I ended up breaking up with my bf at the time. I txted Keith and we went on a date to the movies and when he dropped me off I gave him a hug. Well that night he asked me out for the next day. He ended up taking me to this overlook and he pulled me closer to him and started kissing me... as if fate... it started to sprinkle rain and in the end of the kiss it was pouring and we were soak and wet. It was the most romantic thing ever like it was planned to rain or something. That was the 1st time I have ever been kissed in the rain and it was perfect. Now me and Keith have been together for 2 months and going strong.

urfallenangel333 urfallenangel333
Oct 12, 2009