Ok well I went to a party. Well I've known those people since I was 2 years old.. Well this guy who's in 9th grade was sitting next to me. We were taking pics and all that. Nayeli (my friend) was there too. Well we was sitting next to each other(me and the guy) well as I said we were taking selfies and then I notice he was touching me back and I just ignored it but he kept doing it and when Nayeli left he grabbed my ***. He started to touch me. In my mind I was like how is this happening if me and that guy are just best friends. He touched me boobs and started to kiss me. I told him ayy u have a girlfriend and he said ima break up with her in a week. He kept kissing me after that. Nayeli came back and he kept touching me *** but no body saw. Then we left and it was weird after that. Omg he's so sweet though!!!
unbreakable2014 unbreakable2014
16-17, F
Aug 31, 2014