Lovely Times I Have To Admit.

So my only friend, bestfriend, Harrison, and I, are alway's you know, kissing. I mean, supposedly we act like a " couple ". We sleep togehter, alway's sleeping over, during movie's I put my head on his lap, shouler or chest, and he play's with my hair. Or he put's his head on my lap and I play with his very soft hair, he kisses my nose, kisses my forehead, kisses my hand's, hug's me from behind, we hold hand's practically all the time, interlocked ofcourse, and well, more thing's, but I'm talking about kissing. Anyhoo, we have our makeout moment's. Sometime's while we are watching movie's, we start kissing, when we are on his or mine bed, I put my head on his chest, and then I move my head closer and closer to his, then we start kissing. Anywhere we do it. Other time's, we would stare at eachother and smile, and then he would pick me up and put me against a wall. Or other time's when we are outside, his pool, mine or trampoline's, anywhere we do it, I would lay on top of him and kiss him. I guess we are that type of friendship, who is like a couple, but then just bestfriend's since before born.
Lostgirlinbigworld Lostgirlinbigworld
13-15, F
Sep 8, 2012