I Was Drunk ?!

It was one of my cousin's birthday's. Just before I get into my story, my cousin's to me are s l u t's, they dont sleep with guys but, I dont know, they are to me. Anyhoo, my cousin went to Yale, but was on break, so if she didnt live in her dorm, she lived in Seaside. My family always was " rich " so ofcourse her house was one of the biggest. Anyhoo again, she invited most of our family who was living in the states to go visit her for her 18th birthday, and invited my bestfriend, only friend Harrison, since him and his parents are basically like family too. I packed my clothes since we were staying for 1 week i brought 14 outfit's. When me and my parent's left we got into one of my favorite cars that we have, a seablue limo. Then we met up at Harrisons house and the adults took one limo, we took the other. Me abd Harrison were talking until I fell asleep on his lap. When I woke up, I woke up to my cousin shrieking " HARRISON LOOK AT YOU! SO HANDSOME! I WOULD DATE YOU BUT WE ARE 5 YEARS APART! " then she started shreiking some more and dragged me out of the limo saying " BLAIR! MY GORGEOUS COUSIN! WE ARE GONNA PARTY!!!! " So then we all went inside, more family came, more shreiking and hugging. Then it was the night time. Time to party as my cousin said so we all got changed and headed to the boardwalk. Guy's whisteled and stared, most of them said to Harrison " MAN YOU ARE LUCKY WITH ALL THOSE FINE LADIES! " and some even followed. When we stopped, I realized we were at a club. Sadly me and Harrison were the only ones under the age of 18, my younger cousins were coming tomorrow. Then I realize as we are going in the guy lets me and Harrison in. We ask Anastacia how we got in her saying " hes a friend ". It was so loud in there with people bumping into me and Harrison so he grabbed onto my hand, interlocked. I was 13 still am, this happened 2 months ago and Harrison was 13 as well and still is, but we are both very tall. I am 5'7 him 5'8, so noone thought or knew we were 13. I then realize me and Harrison are alone. So we go get a drink. We asked for sprite. The guy must have thought we were kidding so he gave us sprite with some veryheavy alcohol, which got me drunk. Harrison took me to the bathroom but I ran out and got lost in the crowd and took some guy who was 17 and kissed on the lips. He kissed back not knowing my age. So then I left and he was just saying " damn she a good kisser " and ran to the bathroom, grabbing Harrison's hand. I remember eveeything. Even though thats not supposed to happen. But I took him and put him against a wall and said " Imma **** you hard " and kisses him. He was pushing me off but I wouldnt budge. Then I got black. I realized we were in the bathroom in Anatacias house. Harrison carried me half a mile in the dark. I wasntthrowing up, again that was rare but no I was not normal. After he noticed that I was ookay, he sat down next to me, he put me on his lap. I asked him what happened, he told me how the guy gave us both alcohol and how I made out with some older guy and how I took him to a bathroom and said I would **** him hard, and how I kissed him and then I tripped and blacked out. I remembered but wanted to make sure it was real. Our parent's went to a restuarant and my cousins were still clubbing. So we had a couple hour's to ourselves. He picked me up and even though we had seperate room's, we still slept together. So he put me in bed, and then realized I needed to change, so he got out my pajamas and I got up and changed and when I came out I found him shirtless, with boxer's on. Good, my hormones. I wanted to prowl on him, but no I said " Harrison, why are you basically naked? " him covering himself with a shirt and saying " oh, I thought you'd take longer " so I left the room and let him change. When I came back in, He was fixing the pillows and such. I am naturally very clumsy, so as I was walking toward the bed, I tripped and fell. So he picked me up again and put me on the bed and layed down next to me and i interlocked my hand with his andhe kissed me on the nose and said " Blair I was worried you and that guy were gonna do something worse, the way he was looking around for you. " so I nodded my head and said " no I knew what I was doing I just couldnt help it. I dont know I was like sleep walking basically except awake " so then Harrison fell asleep as I said that cause well he carried me basically a mile so I didnt mind. I hugged him goodnight and kissed him on the cheek and let go of his hand and faced one way then he put his arm around me and pulled me closer to him and when I turned around, he smiled so i turned back around and went to sleep. Then uh - oh, 3 hours pased and my cousins came home, they all came looking crazy apparently wondering how we were cause they knew we left harrison told them but anyhoo, when my cousin Anastacia opened the door, my cousin Emery yelled " WOAHH LEAVE THE KIDDIES ALONE AFTER ALL THEY JUST SWAPPED V CARDS WITH EACHOTHER! " so me and Harrison woke up ofcourse, and then my other cousin Riland said " You guy's no protection? I mean, come on. " then I threw a pillow at her and said " We did nothing, just sleep. " Harrison was red, so was I. Emery then said " We belive you, just it didnt look right " so then they all came in and hugged us goodnight yelling " NOW MY DEAR CHILDREN DONT DO ANYTHING THAT WE WOULDNT DO OKAY? SWEET PEAS, GET SOME SLEEP NOW. " then they left. It was all awkward when they left. So then I put my head on Harrison's chest and hugged him while he held me with his arm's. Ofcourse, we were both emberassed, but we didnt wantt to make it more awkward so we watched tv. Then as I started dozing off, Harrison was stroking my hair and his phone went off, a call from Allistair and Roland, those 2 are always together. Anyhoo, the call went Allistair " Harrison, have you and miss fine stuff cuddle yet? " Harrison " Shutup, you know were like that, but more importantly, what do you want t 3 in the morning? " Roland, " WOAH, since we are on facetime, show us Blair! Or imma ask you questions! " Allistair nodding and smiling, so Harrison pointed the camera to me, " sleeping ", but then I " woke up " and said " Hello boy's! " Harrison saying " Sorry we woke you up, go to sleep princess! " kissing me on the cheek. Allistair and Roland, " AWWWW PRINCESS YOU ARE TO CUTE AWWWW USE A CONDOM JUST INCASE ALRIGHT WELL BYE LOVEY DOVEYS STAY TOGETHER! " So they ended the facetime grinning and laughing while me and Harrison were redder then a tomato. I then moved next to Harrison and put my chin on his shoulder and gave him a kiss on the cheek and said " I love how you dont care if your friends watch you do those things to me " him saying " your my princess, I dont care about anyone seeing it " and he gave me a kiss on my cheek, so then we heard a knock on the door and Anastacia came in and said to us " Sorry about the club guy's, I heard you guys ordered soda but they gave you a little more, you guys alright? " she looked dissapointed in herself, which was rare, she always smiled like crazy, lit up any room that way so I said " Hey, you taught me that if I ever order soda in club they dont give me what I asked for " and Harrison " I learned that I could carry someone for parctically a mile without getting tired " so she then put us in between her arms, with her big smile and said " when you 2 get married im gonna say I told you so " and she got up and left, with a wink. So then me and Harrison laughed for a while and I got up and went to one side of the room and ran and jumped to him he was confused at first but soon caught up and as we hugged he whispered " So when's our date? " and gave me a kiss on lip's, with his very soft, kissable lip's and the rest of the night, we talked about our wedding day, ofcourse joking around.

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Sep 23, 2012