First Time And Now

My first time when I kissed my cousin was in Florida on a vacation in the pool so I said anyone want to come and swim with me and she said sure and oh her name is Mackenzie but we call her Kenzie so me and Kenzie got in the pool and started swimming for a while and said I need to ask you a question and I said sure so she wrote the question on the wall with her finger she meant kiss and I said sure so we went underwater several times and kissed so when we got bored and got out and we started to play video games I said you wanna kiss again and she said sure so we got under the covers and she took her shorts and t shirt off while I did the same thing and started making out for a long time and we went to sleep and I decided I was going to touch her butt so I did and she woke up and said what are you doing and I said I always wanted to touch your butt so she got horny and we both made out until morning and we were like 10 or something both of us were so we still do it today and we are both 13 so please comment
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First : I eather need to give u ten bucks for that sweet move you made on your cousin . Second : you need to tell her parents and yours because if you don't that MIT find out one day and you will regrate it for the rest of your life because its easier to come clean now then have to do it when her and your parents found out in my opinion

lol she must really like you to let you do that

I know right

Ummmm....that's not natural. I'm also 13 I just always put that I'm older than 18 to get past restrictions. I think that you should just make sure to use a condom and just have fun I suppose. But if your parents every find out you're screwed. Btw I hope she's really hot because if not its not worth getting in that much trouble

Yes she was hot and had a nice butt

Have you ever done it before

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