Okay so before I had said that I was sexually attracted to my friend. So earlier today I was laying on my bed. My friend was coming in from the bathroom and went inside my room . She locked the door and I didn't find it wierd cause my friends always do that. Anyways I was laying on my back only wearing a tank top that reached my belly button and some white short shorts. She was wearing a skirt and a tank top. When she came in she just laid next to me on the bed and started touching my thighs and running her hand up and down. I asked her what was she doing and she didn't say anything. She just turned to lay on her side and faced me and felt me higher on my thighs. Out of no where she just straddles my lap and just kisses me. At first I was shocked and didn't move so she kissed me harder until I kissed her back. Good thing my parents were gone. We wanted to try a little more so we went into the closest. We talked about afterwards and I found out that she still liked boys she just wanted to kiss a girl. We had fun so we will probably do it again.
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that's awesome

Sounds like a really good time for both of you.

Hey I would like to talk message me

I hope youre doing it again because kissing girls is just too much fun to miss!

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Too bad parents weren't home. That would've made it more arousing for you. Knowing one of them could walk in on you at anytime.