Dating My Sister

Me, 14, and my sister Jenny, 15, had a secret that no one knew, we were dating. So one day after school we snuggled on the couch and were watching love on the rocks, our mom was at work and would be there all night, she leaned over and took a sip of her hot tea. Then, still holding her cup, leaned over for a kiss. We kissed for like 5 minutes or so and while we were kissing our mom walked in. She said" Jenny! Alan! What do you think your doing!" As we got up Jenny spilled her hot tea all over my pants. I yelped and she got really red she started stuttering" I...I...I'm so sorry!" I told her it was just an accident and as I turned around to go change pants my mom stopped me. Our mom asked why she saw us kissing. Jenny mumbled" We're dating." my mom said" What I didn't hear you?" then i said" We...We...""We're Dating." Jenny said. Our mom's eyes widened and she told me to go to my room. I said " No"and pulled Jenny close to me. she said it again and i repeated" NO!" Our mom opened the door said" Fine." and left. While she was gone I took a shower and changed pants when I finished, Jenny gave me a kiss and we sat down on her bed and talked about what just happened. We layed down and finished watching love on the rocks. When it ended we went down stairs and made lunch i had a pork chop and she had a plate of fish sticks. we went back to the living room and sat down. While eating we wondered where our mom had gone. we finished eating and put down our plates we started snuggling and kissing again. We sat back up and turned turned the TV on the Nascar race. I put my arm around her and gave her a quick smooch. We saw the door fly open and it was our mom. She had a giant box but the name was not on it. She dragged the box upstairs, went to my room, and said nothing. Me and Jenny looked at each other and turned back to the TV. For the next three hours it sounded like a construction site upstairs. When mom called us up stairs me and Jenny walked up stairs holding hands. When we got to my room there was a sign on the door that said Jenny and Alan's room. I opened the door and there was mine and Jenny's dresser, my old TV , and a queen size bed. our mom said" well i clearly can't stop you from dating so you will sleep in the same bed until you do." Then left. Me and Jenny looked at each other and sat down on the bed. Still holding hands we leaned over and kissed. Our mom called us down stairs to eat so we walked down stairs and ate we came back up and Jenny took her shower first. I took mine next and when I was done I sat down on the bed with Jenny and she gave me a good night kiss. We got in to the bed and went to sleep we woke up the next morning and went down stairs for waffle Wednesday. Our mom asked how our night was and we said "Great." When we finished eating we went up stairs and got ready for school. We left the house and walked to school holding hands. I told her I would see her after school and went to home room.

Part 2 coming soon!
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make part 2

My sister and I started when she peed in front of me. Shetold me not to look. But I peeked and she kept on going. I was going to pee but had a hardon.

Sweet story. Many family affairs start with just a simple kiss that suddenly turns electric.

My sister is named Jen also. We have been intimate, like you two for many years. We started in our teens. Dad is gone now and never knew. Mom knows now and has accepted it. We are a committed couple and we love each other deeply.

haha.. sweet!