I Kissed My Sister

My older sister took care of me a lot, because our Mom was sick and Dad was in the Army.  We played and wrestled like siblings do, but nothing sexual, until she broke up with her steady bf.  I was comforting her when all of a sudden she kissed me on the mouth with tongue and all.  I could feel her boobs against me and she was so passionate, I got so hard in my pants it hurt.  We made out for maybe five minutes, even groping each other some.  Then she pulled away slowly, smiled a weak smile, said "Thank you," and went into her room and closed the door.  She never mentioned it again.  Go figure.

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7 Responses Jul 23, 2008

Its very happy life when u so close to your own family making love and kissing with a sister its so so good my first kiss was my sister that I never forget

i should start wrestling with my older sister, just so i can "accidentally" fell her boobs

Every time she breaks up with someone you get a five minute make out session? Well how exactly is this a bad thing?

offer her a kiss everyday and you'll find out sooner that she wants to have sex with you

Sounds like she knew exactly what she was doing.

I wish my sister would do that.

Weird... that a sister would do that...