I Love It

My wife confessed she loved snowballing just after we got married and asked me if we could try it once.  Ever since then, we do it all the time.


The first time was amazing.  I came so hard just at the thought of what was going to happen next and she came up to me with a full mouth, *** dripping down her lips - there was too much for her to keep in there.  I roughly kissed her and accepted my load, our tounges intertwined as we shared the taste of my ***.  It was dripping down both our chins and I tried to swallow as much as I could.  It's just got hotter and hotter since.

Last week she made me eat my *** from her hand and then kiss her.  Damn, that was just as hot.

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Bifarmboy - how right you are! I know my best friend very well - I've sucked him off many times! - and iI know his wife pretty well, too (though not that well!), and I know they hardly ever have sex and never do anything so kinky as anal or mmf **********. And I also know they both have the same fantasies, but won't talk to each-other about it. Consequently they both look for satisfaction elsewhere and I can't betray either one's confidence. So stupid!

My girl friend loves it when i **** her and *** in her ***** then I eat her ***** and get a big load of my *** on my tonge and then kiss her and she will suck the *** of of my tonge

A lot more than you think Bonnie. What is a shame is how many men want this but look elsewhere in the relationship to do it. Because so many couples can not communicate when it comes to sex. There are a lot of sexless marriages that don't have to, communication is the key. And yes I admit not all.

I've done this with several girlfriends. The first time, I didn't know she was going to do it. She must've known me well. Man, that was horny, kissing her and realising her mouth was still full of my ***! One girlfriend introduced a little variation - as she came up to kiss me she opened her mouth so I could see my thick white *** all over her tongue! I almost **** again!

I wonder how many men really have done this... Glad snow balling is catching up.

hot indeed!