A Thirteen Year Old Girl Lost... (:

I only kissed once with one guys and it was perfect. He was so cute and sweet about it We were outside.. I remember two people being there, they both went to a different school from us but I recognised them for I saw them around the neighbourhood a lot. Besides them it was me and him.

We were near a willow tree standing on the pavement when he hands me my favourite candy. It was drizzling slightly which looked and felt magical. The time was right. He leaned in and kissed me when I was still holding the candy in one hand. He was so shy and cute about it that it made me smile when he blushed afterwards... I guess were sort of dating now.

During lunch we went to the library to check out a textbook for maths when I carried the extremely navy book I fell backwards and laughed quietly because I was ware about 'indoor voices'. We were in-between two large bookshelves... nobody was there besides us and that one hell of a math book.
He crouched down and smiled looking all gorgeous and caring, he took the book from my hands still sitting on the floor. I was still laying on the floor laughing silently at myself. I stop laughing once I stare into his choclately eyes. Our gaze catch again and he leans forward... face on top of mine and was about to kiss me whheeeennnn........... Our geography teacher goes in the bookshelf alleyway and says 'Mackenzie and Nate?' he then pauses when he realised he was about to kiss me. It looked incredibly wrong because I was laying on the floor and he was leaning on top. It looked as if we were doing more than just 'about to kiss'.
'remember geography homework is due wednesday..." he mumbles because he doesn't know how to react. He them walks away and quickly glances back.


I saw him on wednesday for geo and after class he had a little 'chat' with me and nate and said he didn't want to know what we were doing in the library but he suggested he did it elsewhere with protection at a much older age. He thought we were doing something COMPLETELY different. He said if we had question about it go to the biology teacher at lunch time.

Most embarrassing moment ever.
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:) Superbly explained...

Sounds like you could tease him about it. Like start whistling innocently whenever he walks by. xD

I explained to him the next day be just laughed but now every time he sees me with nate he looks at us weird as if were about to do something weird.. :-P

That is funny and very cute. Hope your professor didn't get the wrong idea.