Kissing A Girl

Last night I was bored and took a cab into the local bar finding it even more boring until a girl who looked to be part latin came in trying to get her passed out dad out of the bar.
Offering to help we got him into the back seat of her car then having a smke we stood talking and I found myself getting wet just talking with her she was so sexy.
Her name is Sara and she is just 19 same as my son
After she told me where she lived I told her I only lived a few miles from her and she offered to drive me home after she dropped off her drunk dad.
After helping her get him to the door one of her brothers took her dad inside and she drove me home.
Taking a chance I leaned over towards her and she leaned to me ad for the nex half hour we had the hottests toungue lashing sision of my life and we agreed to meet in a few days.
It was real late when i got undressed and seen a note on the upstars bathroom door that said the water was not workin.
There was a new bathroom downstairs off moms room built when she had her knee operated on and could not make the stairs and thats what led to her and dad having seperate rooms.
Seeing Moms light on and her reading a book I told her I was going to bath and told her about Sara makin her giggle.
I left the door open half way so i could see her face while i was in the tub and we talked.
Telling me she was beat Mom turned off her light but i could still see her face in the light cast from the bathroom.
As I began thinkin about Sara and fingering myself moaning Mom said in a groggy voice areu ok?
I giggled and said, Fine Mom go back to sleep.

After about ten minutes Garvin came into the bathroom to pee looking half asleep and I smiled as i watched him ****** out of his thick **** and said,Come get into the tub behind me,Mommy needs her bum rubbed.

Without a word he got in behind me and I got on my hands and knees putting my *** near his head and said,Lick me Garvin.
I swear the second his tongue touched my anus I had a small ****** and began humping at his face with my *** as I rubbed hard on my clitoris then said,*** Mommys *** Garvin.
His ***** so thick the slow spreading of my *** made me moan louder and louder as he began pumpin in slow long strokes then as I felt a big ****** coming on a Yelled,Now Garvin *** me hard!
My moans turned to yelps and groans as I thashed my wet hair from side to side orgasming twice only seconds apart as I felt Garvins **** throbbin pumpin his *** deep inside me.
When he pulled out i noticed the door was still open and heard Mom say
Goodnight Garvin as he walked out of her room holding his boxers in his hand.
wrappin in a towel i walked out and said, Mom im sorry if I woke u up.
Mom said, Its Ok Honey you did not wake me i have not been asleep .

We both laughed and she said, Garvins a good boy.
I said, I know, I know as I walked out of her room giggling but feelin embaressed
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He wants to lick my ***** and *** it but Im nervouse cause that seems to me alot worse than what we have done and Im feelin guilt about it

i want to hear more