The First Time

I am totally p-whipped and I love it.  I, with my wife's support and pleasure am a 24/7 panty-wearing male who likes hose as well -- Str-8, happily married.  I am also very ORAL which my wife loves.  She being African-American my wife has a smoking ghetto-booty that begs to be kissed, caressed, oiled, massaged,kissed and very deeply.

As the submissive house-hubby that I am one of my joys is running my lady's bath, then bathing her, drying her off (often her personal shaving is done by me before she bathes, i.e. pubes, underarms, valley of the moon).  Naturally during the bathing process I make sure that every nook & cranny is well cleaned manually by me.

After the drying off we proceed to our king sized bed where I begin to lotion her body.  Af-Am women need to have their skin oiled and creamed daily and so I do so.  Naturally once she turned over onto her tummy I am left with the task of eventually working my way from her toes to her glorious booty.  It was here that one night some time ago I spread her cheeks and asked if I could "kiss her sweet" rosebud which she said "ok" so I did.  First just a kiss on the outside then I darted my tongue inside just a tiny bit.  She clenched, then released and allowed my tongue full access.  I laved the inside wallks North/South/East/West as deeply as I could reach.  Then I reached around her hips with both hands and while my tongue was deeply imbedded I raised her loins up.  Thus giving me a little more distance inside her and I also began to initial her hips moving back-n-forth on my tongue.  She squeeled with joy and began to push back on her own and squeeze on my tongue.  After a little while she stopped moving and I pulled out and began to lick up and down the valley of the moons.  I completed this initial session with one last kiss on her bud which I did with a lot of sucktion!!!

Afterwards she said it was kinky and nasty and could I do it again some time?  Naturally it is now part of our repitoire in bed.


    What I want to do now is to have a glass of wine next to me.  I want to fill my mouth and expell it into her clean cavity and suck the wine back into my mouth until the glass is gone, I figure about 4 "jets" up her.  Kind of like a mini-enema (I know about the dangers) -- to me this would be hugely intimate, submissive, kinky and hopefully pleasing to her as the receipient.  Anyone do this?  Also, I admit I would like to drink her pee as she squats over me and lets go sometime (blush).


PantyPrince PantyPrince
51-55, M
2 Responses Mar 9, 2010

Horny - I love to play with my wife's *** when she is lying face down on the bed. Trouble is, all the massages I give her end up with me wanting to play with her ***...

Interesting - I'm sure she will enjoy it.