The Story of the Amber Alert

        My youngest sister was in the second grade at that time. Back in the late 80's.  We were eating dinner and recieve a phone call. There were no caller ID back then so the polite thing to do was answer it. It was our local cops calling to see if my sister had a friend over. Amber Swartz Garcia. That name stood still in my memory only not knowing what really happened.

     We were about 1 1/2 miles from her house and we didn't know who she was. So it was interesting to find out later on that it was a kidnapping. In a little town outside of Oakland Cali, called Pinole. A quiet and small area, a place to get away from the city life. How in the hell can a little girl get kidnapped? Back then it was unheard of.

     The local TV crew came by to her class that week and just wondered who this girl was.  It was a big story that year, but out of so many why did this little girl became a symbol of future warnings?  No one has a clue what happened and there was 3 ways into the town. So it sucked.  I don't blame the family for moving out of town, and that year i never saw her fellow brother again. You see he was in my class and his sister was the one missing.

  I guess with the publicity that happened throughout the nation, and i didn't even know it was that huge. I was still in school, and kidnapping was unheard of.  But i'm glad her mom never gave up hope and formed the network that to this day have save countless kids and babies. 

  I know that without this one incident there wouldn't be an Amber alert or a Adam call at walmart.

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Did they find her?

You are an excellent creative writer and story teller. So far I have just been writing on here as a way to release my emotions, but I actually love to write as well and plan to eventually write 'real' stories! haha- I mean with an audience in mind, not just emotional release.<br />
<br />
Did you come from Okland? I ask because by coincidence I was born there! (That's all I know though- my mother immediately left and went back to NY).