Yu.. And I

I never thought I could actually experience what I`ve only known exist in my mind.

I knew what I wanted in a guy and just like a lightning in the sky. He came right in front of me without me even recognizing him at first because he is a wonderful soul who came to me in vessel i least expect it.

How could someone possess all I ever wanted in a guy... only he is 12 years younger than I am and he has been away exactly a week now to study abroad and I don`t even know if I`d ever get to see him ever again in my life.

Everything doesn`t make sense to me now but the only thing I know is that I love him... I knew I loved him before I met him.

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4 Responses Jul 16, 2010

our story is pretty much the same, he is young but he is the best guy i've ever met! i wish our love will last cuz all i want is to spend the rest of my life loving him :}

thanks brown365 :)<br />
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i know someday, somehow, I WILL ;)<br />
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and goodluck to you too!

I pray that you will get your love :)

Thanks takenheart (^o^)<br />
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This is what i don`t understand though, that no matter how far away he is now and i haven`t heard anything from him since (well, just a week now) I still feel glad. This is a deep sense of gladness that I am genuinely happy that he is in Switzerland now, and would start senior high in September. I`m happy because he would have a great life and a super cool future.<br />
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I`m happy because I met him and we became friends. I`m happy that we are soulmates. <br />
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I miss him so much already... really...