But Worried That I Shouldn't Have Said Anything.

~ I love you. I know this because whenever you come online I smile. When I see new mail from you I get butterflies in my tummy. Everytime you say "Lovely Lady", I get weak & giggle. I know that what I feel is real & yet we've never met. I hope we do one day, I pray that maybe you'll feel some of what I feel. You don't now, & as much as that hurts, I'm okay. I love you enough to wish you happiness, love, & will be your friend, as long as you need me to or want me to. Do I wish I had never written that letter to let you know how I felt? I have my moments, but it was killing me inside not to say, & I've stuffed enough of my feelings down over the years, that I didn't want to have to do it with you. I hope if nothing else, we remain friends. I hope you find everything you need & want. I hope you get a chance to meet me because I am an amazing person, & you would be crazy not to fall madly & completely in love with me. Mahahahaha!!! It's okay darlin'. You don't have to....... Your friendship is an honor all on it's own. ~


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Mar 17, 2009