Hhh What Gave It Away

Two nights ago, after football/cheer practice, I had just put the kids into the shower and was making their nightly milk. We are having a plumbing issue with their bathroom so I had them in mine, which is at the end of the hall in my back bedroom. I left the door open (they are old enough now) so I could hear them and went to the kitchen. It wasn't long, a few minutes at most, but apparently long enough. I hear this cute, sweet little girl voice scream out "CANNON BALL!!" and that's when I knew.

I hardly had time to put the milk down when two little naked wet children came running in one yelling 'he did it' and the other 'she did it'. I took off to the back room to hear that water on mega high and as I rounded the last corner I see a tub filled and flowing over, about an inch of water on the floor and the top of the toilet seat soaked from where she used it as a diving platform. There was so much water that towels weren't helping so had to throw a comforter down to help soak it up.

Just WOW!
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4 Responses Jul 31, 2010

great story ... I can hear the water dripping from here ... lol

; v >

They are sooooo good at it! Double Trouble!

Cute story, Split! Mischief works best in pairs.