Better Instincts

Have you ever tried something, believing that everything was going to be fine, when all of a sudden you felt this sense that something was going to happen? You ever tried to start a relationship with someone and even though you didnt want to admit it, you had a feeling it wasnt going to last? You ever decided to move in with one of your friends who you only met online and then after a month your friendship was over and done? Have you made a choice against your better judgment only to have it blow up in your face? I know all too well the feeling of doubting and second guessing yourself. I have faced many hardships and trials simply because I didnt listen to my inner self. I know that sometimes doing what we want usually overshadows doing what is right. My profile is full of stories, confessions, and venting because I simply refused to listen to someone that matters...ME. People always try to convince you that everything will be ok. They especially use the words forever, never, always, and all right. When things go wrong, those words disappear as if they had never been said; leaving you to wonder,"Why didnt I go with MY choice?" "I knew this would happen, I knew I made the wrong choice, why didnt I listen to myself?" And its not so much the pain of the situation that gets you, its knowing you could have prevented it. I understand how you feel my friend. Sometimes life is too short to have regrets, and sometimes going against your better instincts may yield positive results in the end. You've heard the term "Let your conscience be your guide"? Well your conscience and instincts go hand in hand. Your instincts warn you about doing something before you do it, and your conscience reflects on what youve done. Its ok though, if you make a decision that backfires, then your conscience tells you not to do it again because then your instincts warn you that it may end badly again. Thx for reading!!
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Jan 18, 2013