When I Fell In Love With You

Someone asked a question about falling in love. "What is that thing that made you fall in love?"  I thought about it for a while and decided to answer.  I knew readily when I fell in love with KingofSwords.

I joked a little in my answer but I was dead serious about when I fell in love with him. 

His sword was bigger than anybody's. (Slightly joking).
Actually the thing that made me fall in love was knowing that he was into me for the long term.

I remember on one of our first few dates (it was our second date), I threw up all over him. I was very sick and he wanted to go out. I tried to decline but I thought maybe a little fresh air would be OK.  King can be very persuasive.  He's a very good looking man.  Very suave.

We went to dinner and afterwards out dancing. I was already weak and sick. I told King that I needed to go outside and get some fresh air.  We went outside and the evening air hit me and up came dinner.  All over him. 

He was an absolute sweetheart about it.

I thought he would never call me again.  Here it is our second date and I've puked an expensive dinner all over his very expensive suit.

The next day, he had flowers, a card and a get well balloon delivered to my home.

Later on that evening he showed up at my home with vegetable soup (I'm a vegetarian so no chicken soup). I realized if a guy can get over you puking all over his suit then he must be worth considering.

I remember how horrible I felt and he just went into the bathroom got a washcloth, soaked it in cold water and dotted my forehead.  I looked at him and could see that he really and truly wasn't going anywhere.  It was as if he was supposed to be there.  It is hard to explain but it felt so natural that he would be there.  I just looked at him.  I fell in love with him right at that moment.

He said he wasn't going to leave until I fell asleep.   He was by my side for hours.  He fed me soup, rubbed my feet, dotted my forehead, stroked my hair, gave me tissues.  He even went to the drug store and picked up a prescription for me.  He washed my dishes, watered my plants and fed and played with the cat.  I finally fell asleep.

He wanted to make sure I was safe and after I fell asleep he went across the street to my neighbor who had a key to my home and asked if she would lock the top lock on my front door so that I wouldn't have to get out of bed to lock it.

I woke up the next morning, still sick but much better than I was the night before.  I reflected on how he took care of me.  I looked on my nightstand and there was a single red rose and a little note saying that he would wait to hear from me because he didn't want to call and wake me up.  He said that I should call him when I get up and he would bring me lunch if I felt up to eating something.  I just smiled. I knew I loved him.
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Awesome story!

O what a lovely story, being sick all over your new boyfriend on your second date and he completely forgiving you and helping out. That is what true love is all about. I wish you all the best for a happy time together and I hope the romance blossoms out to become a engagement and then of course marriage and children thereafter.

Thank you.

Nice to read a story that speaks of love in a nice compassionate way. Well done the pair of you for putting pen to paper so to speak. Have a long and happy life.

Thank you.

He's a keeper, Thank you for sharing your story !:) lol

You are so blessed to have a angel of a man be there and not leave your side. It sounds very much like your soul mate.
I wish you the very best with this man.

Thank you.

Thank you for sharing this very sweet moment in time and your relationship with us. It's truly wonderful that you two found one another!

Thank you Arsineh. I am so blessed by King's love and now that we have the twins, our lives are complete.

Too bad more men are not like that....

Beautiful. Thank you!

That's the perfect outcome to a bad day and makes it the on of the best experiences you can have in life...pure genuine love and care. =) Wonderful story Thank you

I just fell in love to this story. aww. . .

Thanks for sharing this here. Beautiful, kind and so romantic.

This tale of yours gives new meaning to the term lovesick. :-D

WOW! How beautiful. Wishing you both many many happy years together.

Thank you.

Love like you have...just remarkable. So very very special. You are so very very fortunate. I have no words....

I am happy and very blessed.

What a sweet story. I'm happy for you both.

Thank you Diamond.

Wonderful story, though scarey for my own part. Last time someone said they would not leave me until I fell asleep was my ex-wife. I woke up the next morning to find my checkbook, credit cards and all my cash was gone and so was she. Never laid eyes on her since.

It is unfortunate that you had that experience. I didn't as you can tell from my story which was a positive and upbeat one. Apparently we were meant to be together. King didn't take anything. In fact he left a single red rose and a lovely card with a note asking me to call him when I was awake so he could bring me something to eat if I felt up to eating.

Nice to know there are people in this world that can appreciate such things.

Ohhh... Wilde... this was a wonderful story. (King, you are a gentleman; I don't know how many they make like you anymore!). This was GREAT; I would have been mortified but the fact that he didn't make a big deal out of it and took such good care of you says a lot about him. Awww....and he played with the cat! (Sealed the deal!).

Ruby, I was already in love with Wilde. When I met her I was stunned by her. I told her I loved her on our first date. Bold move but it was the truth. I had a cat BQ that adopted me so it was no big deal with play her cat. I felt bad for insisting that she go out with me. I thought going out would make her feel better. I didn't realize how sick she was. At least she forgave me for making her get all dressed up and go out.

I LOVE how you both knew right away. This makes my heart smile.

I felt so bad for throwing up on him. Here he is trying to get me to feel better by taking me out and I "uneat" dinner and throw it all over him. I felt like I was 1 inch tall. I know people probably thought that I was drunk or something. He was an absolute gentleman. I offered to pay for his suit and he wouldn't hear of it. It wasn't until years later when we went on a trip to Italy that he allowed me to pay a tailor to make him a suit to replace the one I ruined. King is golden. Yes, I think in our case we just knew. It wasn't a build kind of thing. We did take other things slow because I am not for quickie arrangements. We dated for a very long time (10 years) before I agreed to get married. I don't suggest that people do that but we did get to know each other very well before we decided to live together and even more so after we lived together before we got married.

What a sweet and wonderful story, thanks for sharing, Wilde!

Thank you for commenting.

I got here from a link on a question you were responding to - almost expected the dancing in the rain story, but this one was at least as good! :)

The dancing in the rain is King's story about our third date. I think it was our third or may be our fourth date. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

This is such a great story. <br />
It's a shame there aren't more guys like him around. You are very special folks and I'm glad to have met you both.<br />
<br />
It makes me smile to read stories like these and I'm glad you shared it with us.

Jacee, I had never told anybody when I fell in love with King. King didn't even know as per his comment. I don't think I would have thought to share the story except for the fact that King shared the story of our first date and our third date. So I figured I could share our second date. I'm glad you liked the story. I really don't like telling people that I upchucked on him. LOL. It is embarrassing.

I think the fact you both share the love you have for one another is fabulous. I also think it's something more people should do so others, especially the younger folks will see that real love is more then just going out and playing house. It's the good and bad times including the times when you are sick.

I don't think they think of those things so it's really good to see that in print and see that people are there for you in good times and bad.

Thank you. It isn't always sunshine and rainbows as you can tell from our third date when it rained on us and decided to make the best of it by dancing in it. We try to keep a healthy respect for life and have learned to laugh at the unfortunate things that happen to us. It is from those experiences that we learn to love each other more.

I must ask does Dr Swords have a brother..haha.. I love you two.. you brighten my heart.

No, ma'am. I don't have a brother by blood. I do have a close friend who is like a brother. He will be the godfather to our children.

Well, if he is anything like you. I may have to start stalking you and Wilde..lol..jk

WW, King's "brother" is on EP. He is in both of our circles. I'm sure you can figure out who he is. Tall, very, very dark and handsome.

I never knew that is when you fell in love with me. I didn't think you did until much, much, much later. You are one cool cucumber Dr. Wilde.

And you're a great doctor, Dr. Swords.

: o