An Unlikely Knitter...

As a 17 year old, male student, it's fair to call me an unlikely knitter. I learnt from a friend after asking where she got her sweater from. Only to find she had made it herself. In the weeks that followed I knitted 3 Christmas scarves and am currently in a knit and natter group who are helping me with a jumper. The pride that shines through you when you wear something that you've really put time into is amazing! I personally would much rather wear an uneven mess that someone had knitted for me than a more mainstream (I don't like using that word, but you know what I mean) garment. Happy knitting !!
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3 Responses Jan 1, 2012

yeah my dad's Gf knits too.

Knitting was originally a MALE profession! At one time, it required years of apprenticeship! (Aren't we all glad thaty's no longer the case?!) Good for you knitting!!<br />
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(PS My husband is knitting me a sweater. (-:)

You are awesome! You're a teenager and a guy who loves I wish my guy-friends would try knitting! I don't know why people think knitting is "girly." You should post some pics of the stuff you made :)