Knit For Life

Very therapeutic, I learnt from a book. Ilove to create things so i knit while i watch telly. ' like i am not wasting time while watching TV but doing something else for the one-two hours. I buy the scrap/unwanted wool from charity/thrift shops (dead cheap) then sort by colour and knit and knit -long foot wide strips, which i stitch together and donate for sale in the charity/thrift shops. As i knit I wonder who is going to be kept warm with my blanket (babies, children or adults- you never know do you). I meditate on every stitch when i am not watching the telly and the finished product reminds me of how much telly i have been watching then it doesnt seem such a waste of time.
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hi, there are countless women liek knitting in china too. i am right in china. a civil servant. i d like to share knitting sklls and pics with every sisters! today i am uploading a hooked bag by myself. <br />
<br />
i tried once, how to paste pic here. who can teach me

My grandma use to knit all the time. It is becoming more and more rare. Even sewing. So many used to be able to sew and do it very well. My other grandma sews but can't knit. I don't know anyone else who can knit besides maybe my dad's aunt.