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I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would learn to knit and actually like it. For the last Super Bowl, which was held in Indianapolis, there was a call to knit scarves for the volunteers. There was a knitting group forming. Some nice ladies were going to teach some men how to knit. "Why not?" I thought. I'll give it a try. I ended up knitting 6 scarves before it was over. The group knitted quite a few as a team.
A nice woman came and talked to the group. She represented a hospital that catered to cancer patients who lived below the poverty level. She asked if we would be interested in knitting pink scarves for cancer patients. She also wanted to know if we could make hats for them.
You see, these poor people with cancer have to walk miles in the cold winter weather to get to the hospital for their treatment. Some of these women have no choice but to walk their little children with them. It's a hard thing to think about a woman who is trying to stay alive in order to take care of her little ones, because she doesn't know who will do it once she's gone. She has no choice but to fight for her life.
If a woman can care about life so much, then I can learn to knit and I can take all the harassment my "macho" associates can dish out.
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Cool I knit to

I love this story. <br />
I crochet, mostly blankets for friends but my local hospital has similar programs and people make things for newborns and for cancer patients. I am thinking of going into the blanket making business for people undergoing cancer treatment. It is always cold in the hospital--especially when you are undergoing a procedure or terrified out of your wits or in pain. <br />
I don't know you here but I found myself feeling really proud of you, especially when I realized you were a male. Don't know many men who knit, but it can be therapeutic as I am sure you have already figured out. And the satisfaction you get from helping someone is unlike any other feeling in the world. I do have a friend here who describes his occupation as "making things a little easier for other people."<br />
You remind me of him. You are helping people, making their world and their life a little easier. There is no greater thing you can do in this life, if you ask me.<br />
Great for you.