Awful At It!

I learned to knit from my friend's mom during her independent study class last year. When I first started I didn't really like it. I thought it was kind of difficult and she didn't show me how to cast on which was frustrating. Since then though I have gone out of my way to watch YouTube videos about knitting to help me along. I think I've gotten better but I often drop, or add, stitches without realizing it. More often than not I add a few extra stitches. The scarf I'm working on now is 1/2 the length at the beginning than it is right now. Despite it's ridiculous appearanceĀ  I want to finish it before Christmas and send it to my Grandma in Illinois. She always gives us stuff for Christmas, but we never giver her anything. This is my gift in return. Sure it won't be fancy or expensive but it'll have heart. Even if she doesn't ever wear it, I'll feel happy if she tells me that she likes it. I believe that knitting should be done for others more often than not. Knit something for yourself too but it feels good knowing that someone else appreciates your hard work and effort.
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I knit too

I join you , realized a while back that i don't think analytically enough to maintain guage or count, my knit items are ... "creative" is a nice word , but you know what, I also decided it doesn't matter, because i like the feel of the yarn and i like the rhythm and it makes me feel good so if i end up with hat/hybrid purses, thats ok , for me , because thats what i did with my time.
relax and may the yarn be ever in your favor :D