I don’t care what anyone tells you, knitting is by far easier than crocheting. The knitting needle keeps track of all your stiches, your tension is determined in three rows, and best of all, it is extremely easy to tell right side (rs) from wrong side (ws).
Oh, yes, I love to knit. I think that it is the fact that the knitting needles, while making a relaxing clicking sound, can also be used as deadly weapons.
And I love knitting for the yarn. Oh, yarn. So many types. I love how it varies, how soft or rough it can be. How malleable. Love it. And soon, I will have the ultimate achievement. Baby alpaca wool. Ahh, how soft, how nice.
And I will knit it! Yay, knitting…don’t sell me on crocheting, knitting is superior.
Swanfirefly Swanfirefly
18-21, F
Dec 30, 2012